Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shaving bellies all over again.

Lately, I've been rubbing shoulders with members of my old band. Tonight I'll do more of the same, in preparation for an upcoming performance tied to our harmonica player who happens to think she's getting hitched or something. Though I'm sorta sad there are no Elvis songs for me to sing in those five allotted minutes of spotlight time, I'm pretty sure it'll still be fun once it all comes together next week. It feels good to get together again, even without the once customary pint or three of Ben & Jerry's to go along with it. Our lives have branched out in a good many directions and, well, we don't see one another nearly as much as we used to.

Most in the mostly defunct Shaved Belly Band have gone on to find their mates and they've been pretty good at following up that heroic feat with some procreating. And, like it or not, I think that whole business of starting families sorta kept the band from wanting to stay together anymore. That or everybody simply got tired of trying to memorize their sheet music. Or it was the Elvis songs. Eh, it's gotta be one of those, right?

I've thought about it some and, I must say, I like when people get engaged to be married. That's not to say I understand it, not in the least. If that was the case, perhaps I'd be among those with wives and kiddies. That aside, however, I've decided I can't help but like it when it happens. I enjoy being witness to those first steps towards something more, on whatever level I am able to see it formulating. My congratulations is always heartfelt and my admiration of their courage is completely and totally honest.

I enjoy my being single (and have for quite some time now), but I also enjoy seeing those who are taking that step towards another kind of happiness. It's a win-win situation, it is. There's nothing grand in that statement, either, but there it is. Bravo to those leaping towards love.


plainoldsarah said...

i like rubbing shoulders! is marriage the only thing that can bring us together? maybe i'll have to fake a wedding or two. this one's not fake, though, promise.

also - i don't think i'd read the band bio lately - sounded new. liked it - thanks for keeping it real!

now i better go practice - memorizing music is hard!

greenatty said...

...I like when people get engaged to be married. That's not to say I understand it, not in the least. If that was the case, perhaps I'd be among those with wives and kiddies. ...

Hmm how do you mean you don't understand it? In what sense? Is it the decision itself to commit you don't get? Is it the decision to cut off access to all other mates once you get married? Is it the surety people posess that this person is the ONE and only from here on out? Is it the ability to love someone so much that you are giving up stuff (so to speak) so you can live with them? Is it marriage itself you don't get? You have confused me b/c you make it seem w your last statemetn that you could easily be hitched w kids and wife if you understood what marriage or getting married was. but i'm not sure how these two statements match up.

sorry to question but you mentioned in an earlier post you were getting lonely out here :)

SJ said...

woah, this gave me a flashback of how I actually first met you. I was visiting for the holidays and your friends' band was playing at some house in sugarhouse that he owned. Do you remember that?

Dainon. said...

Hmm ... it's all so foggy. Then again, it's been a few years. Maybe someone else from the band remembers?

plainoldsarah said...

i only remember us on the tv, at the rest home, in the ward building, and maybe a couple of us playing at tamara's once. maybe it was some friends of yours who were in a band - not the bellies - but others - and she met you there. music brings the world together!