Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Island.

I can hear the surf crashing from my back patio, though I can’t see it. There are flying insect things biting my bare feet on occasion, but I can’t see them. It feels so late here, when really it’s just past 10:30. So dark, this place. But, when all’s said and done (and there’s been plenty done), there is peace in this moment … a good dose of relaxation for the weary. Nobody is yelling. No music is playing. It’s nature at its finest hour. Finest? Perhaps. I’d venture it’ll be this good for many hours to follow it, long after I put this kind of musing to rest.

It’s been almost a week since this Hawaiian adventure started and plenty has happened. I shared a dirty hostel room in Waikiki with an old Hawaiian man who never spoke to me, but could wake me out of a dead sleep with the ferocity of his 3 AM farts. Had a tiny Thai woman walk all over me (literally), passing it off as a massage. Walk, walk, walked until the blisters came. Swam with a turtle about half my size. Snorkled amongst schools of fish I wouldn’t be able to name, not for a million dollars. Cheated death on the North Shore on rocks where huge waves had claimed 24 lives from the very spot (at last count). Lost a flipflop to those same waves and found a surprise hidden reef with both knees. Ouch. Rode a donkey posing as a horse through fields that looked they’d been used in Jurassic Park. Ate a Hostess cupcake for breakfast (more than once). Rode in a helicopter all around the island and marveled at the Na Pali coast, the one I’d so wanted to kayak along (though it’s sadly out of season). Even poked into the wettest spot on earth, where it rains every single day. Danced for three hours straight in a room filled with strangers. Was graceful enough to hit myself in the forehead with a boogie board and scrape it all up in the process (my head, not the board). Ate plenty of rice and BBQ pork and breaded cod and mahi-mahi and even some (inauthentic) shave ice. Saw some sunsets. Saw approximately 378 chickens roaming the island (so far) like they owned it. Took some photos and some video. Tried to capture pieces of it all, this place. Truly I have tasted what Kauai has to offer.

People call Hawaii a tourist trap, but I don’t buy into that. I see more. I hope to kayak and swim and gain a tan over the next few days. There will be more of a focus on relaxing than actually doing. I’ll continue to pretend it’s not smack dab in the dead of winter in a place much more familiar than this one, a place I’ll have to return to. I can get along in the cold just fine and sweaters are even the most favorite part of my wardrobe next to my T-shirts. I just happen to like shorts and swimsuits better. How can you refuse sunshine and humidity? It’s just too glorious and alluring to want anything else.


ZLB said...

you just gashed my wanderlust laden heart with some sharp reef rocks and then squeezed a fresh lemon you just picked off a tree in it and then offered to wash it out with salt water. ugh. (have fun though, i'm happy you are out exploring!)

bathmate said...

very good posting. i liked it. :-)