Thursday, January 07, 2010

Barely Famous.

I let my mind run rampant after posing a question. I asked her what she would do this new year if she could have any job in this wide world and, after some thought, she said she would like an office job. Barring that, she might take a stab at being a publicist. And, at once, I felt a little bit sad at the answer; my immediate thought was that she was operating under a smaller scope of dreaming. Then again, was she? If these jobs topped her list, then she’d be happy with that reality, should either become part of hers.

My answer to the same question surprised me a bit, but it came out immediately. If I had my druthers, I do believe I’d like to continue with writing, only taking it a different direction altogether. I’ve toyed with doing so in another country off and on and I’d love to do something akin to what David Sedaris has accomplished, sketching out essays to my heart’s content in, say, France. But, at this moment, I caught hold of something new. If the Universe wanted to make my year, it’d allow me to travel around with a band, recording all that went on in tablets of paper, capturing the lot of them at their most candid. Who would it be? Does that matter? It could be Peter & The Wolf as easily as it could be Thao or Wilco or a whole slew of others. And, as long as wishes are getting granted here, why not travel back in time and follow Elvis around for six months? I’m pretty sure I could handle that, too. I’d have to wear an adult diaper on account of my being just too excited for my own good, but still. At the end of the day, I might even make some writing others might enjoy reading. And the grand tradition of storytelling and music journalism would continue and thrive.

That would be some pricelessness. That would truly be some happiness. Thank you, imagination. You’ve served me well.

P.S. Happy 75th tomorrow, Elvis.


cropstar said...

dainon. on this here blog of yours, you always make some writing others might enjoy reading. every time.

Dainon. said...

That's right kind of you to say. Muchas gracias.

fosterh said...

That picture is too much. For anybody out there, who's looking for a little more of Elvis before he was famous, the Smithsonian's traveling a show called "Elvis at 21," opening at the Grammy Museum in L.A. today. Also, their giving people on opportunity to upload their Elvis stories to the YouTube channel:

You Know You Know My Name said...

I completely support you in this too! Especially the living in another country and wearing a human diaper. Maybe someone will eventually be following you around to write about your life.