Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Letter from a fan.

You'll notice that, when I wrote that headline, my tongue was crammed into my cheek. With that in mind, then, you can proceed with what fell in my inbox the other day.

"Remember way back when you said you weren't that impressed with Laura
Gibson, or you didn't understand why other people were? Way back.
And then a few months ago you tweeted something like "Tell Laura I love her," and you started playing her on your show. Maybe you had been unable to appreciate her until you saw proof that enough certain types of other people did? Shame. Did you hear that Beasts of Seasons was the only record to make all three NPR producers' top ten of '09 lists? Eh? Eh?"

Wasn't that fun? She prolly doesn't know I recorded this with my own two hands or that I have a crazed sweaty fan photo where I'm grinning like a buffoon next to her at one of her shows. Then again, none of that matters, does it? This one's got me all figgered out.

That said, Laura is coming to Slowtrain in March to show us some more amazingness. You should come (and, by "you," I do mean You, The Reader and You, The One Who So Clearly Understands My Music Taste).

P.S. I don't much listen to NPR. I just don't.

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