Saturday, January 30, 2010

Open your eyes that you might see.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was driving down a mostly deserted road when my attention went to an uncommonly blue sky. There were a hundred or more Canada Geese flying there, not far from where I was; I opened my sunroof to hear them talking/honking excitedly to one another. I even stopped my car in the middle of the lane, completely transfixed by this unexpected sight, unaware for a few minutes that I’d done so. Inside of these long moments, the geese finally went from partially formed letter Vs and zigzags to all at once deciding to land in what used to be a corn field in a season now past. No stalks stood there, just stumps of what used to be. There was a part of me that wanted to photograph this experience, though I quickly dashed the thought. There wasn’t any real way of capturing the beauty or the emotion, I decided, not by a long shot. I lived inside the present a while instead.

It was later in the night when I found myself on the freeway somewhere close to 7 PM. The Wolf Moon was just then making itself known, just above the mountains to the East. The supposed biggest and brightest moon we’ll get all year, it did look like it was about five times’ larger than normal. It was a curious hazy shade of cheddar cheese orange and, again, I contemplated parking on that overpass and staring at it some more, lest I run myself right off the road. I wanted everyone to know about it. I wanted to understand the seeming mystery locked up inside of it. I wanted to howl. And, it’s true, I felt a tug at my soul to photograph the marvel, but instead I went about memorizing what it looked like and how it made everything stop for a spell. I probably sighed twice.

We may be inside the winter, a time many complain about, considering it a largely washed out, faded ugly season ... but it isn't. It's cold, sure. But there are roses like these to smell if you take the time to do so. There’s beauty to discover if you simply have the eyes to notice it.


fourthirtyam said...

Wow. You're brain is on a particularly beautiful streak these days.

SJ said...

You're writing is getting a lot better. Thanks for sharing this.

brother bombi said...

I take a gander(!) at them beautiful geese at the remains of Cornbelly's most every day. I often entertain thoughts of going Planet Earth on them and lying down for 7 hours until they're comfortable with me.