Sunday, January 31, 2010

You were my friend when I had nothing to my name.

It's okay to get stuck on a song for an entire weekend, right? Certain songs just tend to go about matching circumstances with the weather, after all. Plus, well, I'm of the opinion that the REPEAT button just isn't used enough.

Go on, give this one a try.

Better Days - Peter & The Wolf

It's real wet where I live. I've seen snowfall and rain and fog for the past two days, though I can't say I mind. It just means you gotta go about cocooning into a homemade blanket cave and gazing at the beauty from the warm side of the window while creating a soundtrack to go along with your thoughts. This comes from one of Red Hunter's last albums, the difficult-to-find but beautiful-to-hear work of lo-fi genius that is The Ivori Palms.

There are lyrics in this one that resonate with me more now than they have before, words like "You were my friend, when I had nothing to my name/ When all the world turned on me, you treated me the same." And the cooing promise of better days ahead causes that old stranger of hope to make an appearance. You gotta love hope. You gotta love that you just can't keep it at bay. That said, he ties it together with his worldweary voice and some percussion I haven't been able to shake from my mind. Simple, effective. Simply effective.

For a live take on the tune, try this one on for size, grabbed from a house concert a few years back. Can you go wrong with an audience that snaps along? I submit, you cannot.

As for Peter & The Wolf (if that's what he's still calling himself these days), the last I heard, he's hiding in Austin for the time being, attempting to put finishing touches on another album or two. He recently lent his vocals to a Sunset album, which you can scamper over here to hear if you'd like. It's all kindsa pretty.

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ZLB said...

thanks for this. hope has been on my mind on a repeat loop lately. this is a good musical accompaniment.