Monday, February 22, 2010

Basia Bulat is my girlfriend.

So, you know, hands off and everything. You can listen to her some, though. Here's the exact song and performance where I first fell for her. And, after picking up her new album today, chances are she'll have to keep me around for a good long time to come: she just can't do any wrong in my eyes (and ears).

HibOO d'Live : Basia Bulat "The Shore" from on Vimeo.


anon said...

I love her with all my harp.

Thanks for the introduction.

We spent the last few days at the shore, playing and building castles with trucks. Very fitting to song to close a very fitting day. Good luck on your new journies, D. May you soon be blessed by the Eastern shore's joy as well.

anon said...

Edit: journeys and minus a to. I don't edit for fun. Oh my. ;-) Guess it's time to stop making fun of people in my head for obnoxious spelling and typing errors, eh?