Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Rock Flight Flies Tonight.

With new beginnings come some endings. Because I'm shipping out to Florida less than two weeks from now to begin my brand new life, I'll be doing my final radio show on KRCL tonight ... just about 3-and-a-half hours from now. Rather than get all sappy sentimental about it, I'll just say ... it's been a good ride, filled with a lot of good people and songs all along the way. I'm glad I've been able to provide the service for as long as I have. Tune in from your spot of the globe by going HERE at 8 PM or, if you's local, turn your dial one last time to 90.9 FM and enjoy that spot of the evening along with me. Also, the folks at the station were kind enough to throw up their own miniature tribute, which was both surprising and touching. It shows me being a general poser, cozying up to alla the bands and pretty singers I could muster up the courage to ask for a photo op. You can read/view it by going to the station blog HERE.

It's been fun, hasn't it? It really has.

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Jamie said...

I will miss logging on and listening, you really know how to put amazing sets together. Good luck on your next adventure!