Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because it made the most sense.

If you’re wondering whether or not you ought to grab a couple friends, buy some flashlights on a whim and head over to the most alligator-infested lake in all the world one warm night to shine some lights in some gator's eyes, don’t just wonder about it. Do it. You might only see one alligator and he might not even be full grown and there might only be a fleeting armadillo or two (they being more scared than you and your cohorts), but … but. There will also be the hundreds of the barely-hidden frogs that sing in chirps and talk towards no one in particular. There will be cranes in the marshy stalks that make sounds so delightfully absurd in the moonlight, they sound like they’ve decided to mimick the frogs. There will even be a nearby orange orchard that’ll take you to an entirely new place with the smell surrounding its trees.

And, oh yes, the oranges you borrow from those branches that night, the impossible too-sweet-to-real ones, the ones you can’t help but drip all over yourselves on the long stroll back to your car? They may be the real reason you ended up there, after all. You just didn’t know it, not yet.

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