Thursday, March 18, 2010

Billie Holiday — Warpaint

I'm in Dallas this weekend. And, well, there's not much I can say about being here thus far other than the bed's comfortable, but I did want to send out a new discovery of a song and band I recently stumbled across. Literally. Have you heard of Warpaint? I hadn't ... but, in that realm of what, exactly? folk? singer-songwriter? girl band? I don't really know where to place them, but I think I like them even more because of that. This one hit me right smack in gills, right from the beginning. See if you can spot that cover in the middle of the song, eh? I kinda even want to send a prize to the person who can name it without leaning on the old Internet crutch to discover it ... my ma had it on a 45 record once upon a time.


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Naomi Miles said...

It's 'My Guy'! I grew up listening to that song too... love it!

Anonymous said...

I really like songs like this, that highlight vocal harmonies, and love that I seem to be hearing them more often... thanks for posting this!