Friday, March 19, 2010

Blood on the Dance Floor.

Tonight ended in dancing, mostly with people I’ve only known for a few weeks and some I’d only known for a few hours.

It started as an idea only few followed and, an hour or more later, it ended with plenty of people following suit, sweating smiling, complaining about sore knees, throwing around Mardi Gras beads and wearing feathered masks. They danced. They danced hard. I even just discovered a cut on my chest … there is blood all soaked up in my shirt, no lie. It’s a bit of a mystery how it happened, but I’m going to go ahead and blame it on a botched attempt at a backspin.

Enthusiasm is infectious, it really is.

That said, I recently discovered a Nigerian singer, who, while I adore her for a myriad of reasons, said something in an article that has stayed with me since I read it yesterday. Asked about her budding fame overseas and how she deals with it, she replied: “I don’t think about the next day. I’m just trying to stay in tune with my spirit.”

That’s just a beautiful thought, I think. I don’t want to water down the poetry in her words, but I think it means we ought to look toward our own futures in such a way that we stay true to ourselves. There can’t be a lot of regrets in the end when we choose to follow what is in our hearts: do what you have the most unbridled passion for.

That said, if I was to stay in tune with my spirit, at this moment, I’d want to keep taking more steps forward in this still-new adventure as it continues to pan out, disregarding any fears and uncovering solutions. I’d be hopeful. I’d be optimistic. And I’d do it all for the challenge and the experience and the growth. Big themes and ideas, sure, but relevant all the same.

I think I'm in tune with my spirit. I sure hope I continue to be.

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