Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes I steal from my sister.

It's true. I don't mind admitting it. But it's only in the way of taking photos of my nieces and nephews that have been hoarded away otherwise. See, she's got one of those blogs that is reserved for a few select people, so not everyone gets to see the new shots of my nephew. At least, well, that was the case until now. Here's the best of the bunch. Should she ever read this thing, I doubt she'd get after me for doing so. Not too much, anyway.

Us childless uncles have to brag about something, right?


Naomi Miles said...

A worthy steal!

Kilee said...

that one is my favorite too...no worries, i'm not mad atcha you :). I'm just happy you stole the best one.

Stella said...

can a little guy like that already hold so much wisdom in his eyes?

um, yeah.