Sunday, March 28, 2010

Utah all up in my ears: Neon Trees.

So the story isn't much of a story, I suppose, but there was a cute girl roaming around that great Facebook wild and said girl had a boyfriend. Put the two together and you just couldn't look at the girl anymore. See, boyfriend had a mohawk. Eyes went to him. Guys go faux if they're going to anywhere and just aren't wont for going full hawk these days. Then, not too many weeks ago now, there was a concert and I was there and these three were there (mohawk counts as one) and just as happy as they could be. It was a glance that led to a memory that led to this.

It wasn't long before I pegged the same mohawk in the Utah-born band Neon Trees. And, not terribly longer after that, that band was blowing up on Kimmel. I'd like to go ahead and expect good things out of these guys. It's only right.

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