Saturday, May 29, 2010


My little sister who texts me while in labor prolly doesn't think me quoting Bill Cosby — "Push 'em out! Shove 'em out! Waaaaay out!" — is as funny as I do, but that's okay.

Today's addition makes me the proud uncle of 19 nieces and nephews, the newest not even having a name yet. I think he ought to be a Bob, but they don't seem to care for my thoughts on the matter. For now, I suppose he's just The New One or No-Name or Hey, You!

More to follow.

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Mel said...

It's funny. A few days ago I used the same Bill Cosby quote as I walked up a very large hill with 3 other 9-month pregnant women -- all of us trying desperately to go into labor. We were a sight. . .

And no, couldn't go for Bob.