Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I remember when I lost my mind.

I don’t like to throw words like magic around too much. My fear is that, if I use it too much, it ends up falling on deaf ears. And that’s the last thing in the world I want to happen. I’m using it now, however, because it applies. There’s no other way around it.

That’s the beginning to what was.

I don’t want to talk this up too much, but the stage needs setting. Last week, I was in Utah for a few days and nights. And, on one of those nights, I strolled over to Kilby Court to see some of my favorite local bands and musicians: Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm was one and Jay William Henderson of Band of Annuals was the other. One preceded the other, when they combined forces to add some extra strings and melodies to Jay’s new, unnamed songs. It’d never happened before. I wonder if it will again.

Not a lot of people were there and that didn’t much matter. It was a comfortable hour or two, one where those who’d gathered were keener on listening than talking. There were moments where songs really did give me the good kind of chills and notes were hit that just made me shake my head. There was even a Gnarls Barkley cover mixed in that I didn’t hate.

When it was all over, it didn’t make me miss Utah. It made me thankful that I got to spend the past 13 years there to discover and appreciate the music I was hearing. And I was grateful to have spent a few months away, as it caused that appreciation to grow even deeper than it’d been. And, yes, it was as magic as it was magical. It really was.

Listen for yourselves. This just needs to be heard.

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Jamie said...

It was when I left Utah I realized what an amazing music scene it had. I miss Kilby and all of the perfect bands I soaked in.

What a beautiful song! Will be adding to my collection.