Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terribly shallow thoughts while on an airplane.

Is there anything greater than having a buffer seat between you and the old Southern guy on the aisle, something that morphs into a catch-all for all your various things?

Okay, so maybe there's this one thing. And it's being able to turn on the noise-canceling headphones, plug into an iPod and allow Astrud Gilberto and some bossa nova to drown out the little one in the back, the one who hasn't stopped screaming for the past two hours. Oh, and being about to Internet while being so many thousand feet in the air, sure. How I adore you, technology.

Being able to balance a business trek for a few days while catching up with family, friends, old taco haunts and some good, old-fashioned musics? That's just some kinda heaven, that's what that is.

I forget ever sweating as much as I did these past few days in Utah. There's that age-old debate between the "dry" heat and the "wet" heat, sure, but perhaps Florida has changed me in just four months' time. Lips are chapped and shorts and air conditioning were absolute necessities. Then again, maybe I'm just fatter. Definitely one or the other.

One thought I've actually had is that I just don't have time to get married. Not with how long my Netflix queue happens to get with the passing months and years. It's a good thing, then, that I watch more movies than I have dates. What? You can't judge me.

There are few things greater than watching a couple Utah bands at Kilby Court on a summer's night. Sure, it's a bit of a garage that usually caters to the kiddies, but, now and again, it morphs into something so much more. I actually got chills three times during Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm's rendition of "Apocalypse Wow." True story. It's almost enough to make this aging music lubber break out in the happy tears.

What am I doing on the July 4th long weekend, anyway? Please say it isn't fireworks.

I have so many good friends, ones who inspire, make me think, force me to laugh and cause smiles to break out across this uncommonly expressionless face. I'm incredibly thankful for that reminder these past few days. They make my life richer. They each deserve Thank You cards detailing the same.

I'm plenty happy. I just am. Even though the batteries on my headphones just ran out. Time to grab the book o' poetry and try to achieve a bit o' the serenity. It's that or I get to try and decipher what alla those screams and yelps from not too many rows back actually mean, if anything at all.

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