Friday, July 16, 2010


I've gone back and forth with that whole having kids of my own thing. Most of the time I'm okay with the fact I don't have a single mini-me to call my own. After all, I'm single, have no girlfriend and pretty much abstain from that dating thing (and, for the record, I'm okay with that, too). If I can liken it with a terrible metaphor, choosing to have a child at this point is like, I don't know, choosing to eat expensive steak for dinner the rest of my life when I am absolutely penniless. You pick up what I'm putting down here, right?

Then I saw this little girl and I had to change my mind pretty much immediately. I'm back on the kids train. I mean, seriously, where do I sign? And could I get a guarantee that at least one of them looks like her? Okay then.


Mel said...

You are right. She is stinkin cute.

Becklaughs said...

I was "off" the kids train...until one magically showed up at my door. Life has been crazier and richer ever since, and I wouldn't look back for all the money in the world.

Kilee said... I just want to pick her up and squish her!

Team O'Connor said...

Easy...Thai mail order bride. You're welcome.

Sherpa said...

What a cutie!