Friday, July 02, 2010

Two seconds.

When you submit to having two months of glorious beard shaved off by the hands of a professional, it taking more than an hour for the one qualified guy in the barber shop to shave it off completely, with so much lotion applied and hot towels and piles of shaving cream and using the straightest and sharpest of blades, and you come out of the ordeal a more relaxed and sleepy and younger-looking man, and the cute punk rock hair stylist of a girl is standing nearby, the one with the star shaved into the side of her head, and she asks fairly excitedly, “Can I touch it?” and she means one of your hairless cheeks, by all means, allow her that opportunity.

Do so and, months down the road, when your beard has assumed its rightful place on your face once again, the soft hand on your face is what you’ll remember most of those couple hours, even though it was over and done with in under two seconds time.

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