Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My 3-month concert wishlist.

Some people write down birthdays on their calendars, maybe an important business meeting or their blacked out vacation days. That's all fine and good. Me, I add upcoming concerts I want to attend. I won't see all of them of course, but, if I were to go to every show I've written down between now and November, these are those I'd see and hear and try to take totally casual, totally nonchalant photos with. (Also, there's a reason why they call it Rocktober. Just saying. Wow.)

Juliette Lewis (Aug. 25)
Crystal Castles (Sept. 9)
Sleepy Sun (Sept. 13)
Surfer Blood w/ The Drums (Sept. 17)
James (Sept. 21)
Neil Young (Sept. 22)
Phantogram (Oct. 1)
Gaslight Anthem (Oct. 4)
LCD Soundsystem w/ Sleigh Bells (Oct. 5)
Margot & The Nuclear So & So's (Oct. 7)
Yeasayer (also Oct. 7)
Avi Buffalo w/ Blitzen Trapper (Oct. 8)
GWAR (Oct. 9)
Vampire Weekend w/ The Very Best w/ Beach House (Oct. 11)
School of Seven Bells (Oct. 15)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes (Oct. 17)
Frightened Rabbit (Oct. 24)
Massive Attack (Oct. 27)
La Roux (Nov. 2)
Shearwater (Nov. 4)
Wolf Parade (Nov. 9)
Black Mountain (Nov. 14)


Anonymous said...

I fully support this concert itinerary working out for you. Go big.

greenatty said...

wow. am seeing and have seen many on your lineup..
here's a question since we appear to have similar tastes. i am presented with a dilemma of who to see this coming saturday--Sleepy Sun or the Tallest Man on Earth. What would Elvis do?
What would you do? The venue for SS is much cooler than the venue for the Tallest Man. just in case you were going to ask...

Dainon. said...

Tallest Man! Definitely. It might change your life a little (and not just for one night).

greenatty said...

DONE. just got tickets. Thanks for the full hearted vote for the Tallest Man. can't wait!
as you, i have a (google) music calendar w a friend that keeps filling up. next two weeks i'll be seeing tallest man, film school, bowerbirds, drums and debating on the love language... you should see october. REEEEdiculous
Austin ain't a bad place for a music addict to relocate...though it's a bit like living w the candyman :P
thanks again