Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A night well spent.

Raced home after work. Changed faster than Superman.
Ran just under five-and-a-half miles in pouring rain. Excitedly.
Did so around 2 lakes, almost entirely on cobblestone streets.
Saw three toads, one that almost didn't hop away in time.
Skipped out of the way of a snake, prolly a boa constrictor.
Heard four or five largely imaginary gators out to get my ankles.
Swallowed exactly one mosquito, much to my chagrin.
Hurried past one embarrassed looking Scotty dog trying to relieve himelf on his lawn while somebody waited expectantly, arms folded. (Poor sod.)
Jaywalked in front of an idling cop, as I live rather dangerously.
Did not succeed at running around the raindrops.
Did succeed at splashing hard through 19 different puddles.
Wished for my camera on four occasions.
Regretted my decision to run in all of this: 0 times.
Listened to: emptying clouds and wet socks, mostly.
Drove home, windows down, still sprinkling out.
Listened to the radio: jazz piano first, Spanish station next. Both came heavy on unabashed joy.
Experimented with turmeric for dinner. Ate an heirloom tomato like a halved apple.
Lived after the manner of happiness.


Anonymous said...

from one fellow runner to another:

she's far more frantic and the run less enjoyable, but the similaritie are there.


SJ said...

I really liked this post. Great writing.

art vitamins said...

Oh I know it so well. You made me know it even better. Keep running. Keep writing. Both are soulful, painful and worthwhile.