Saturday, October 23, 2010

My home is where the new homeowner almost is.

So someone wants to buy my little 2-bedroom in downtown Salt Lake City. At long last. Eight months after making myself scarce in the pretty, great state and heading for the always sunshining one, having listed and relisted and recarpeted and repainted, after dropping the price over and over again until I hit that magic sweet spot, someone went and decided to take it off my hands. I'm plenty relieved, too. I don't want to jinx it by talking this way before we've closed (that's a few weeks away yet), but I'm a believer and a sometimes optimist. They're getting one of those screaming deals. They'd be foolish to walk away, that's what I think.

I'm incredibly thankful for this finally coming together. I know there have been prayers said on my behalf (thanks, mom) and those who've wished and hoped and passed along the word nearly as much as I have and, well, that makes me happy. Happy and grateful. Happily grateful. Here's my general gushy thanks to you who deserve that and more. And it's touching and tender that a couple sisters and some friends thought that I'd always return there, too, that I was on some kinda extended Florida vacation of sorts. I don't know that where I am specifically feels like home yet, either, but it's better than it was. The longer I'm here, the better it will get, too.

For now, I'll write during my days and find music during my nights and continue to try my hands at poetry and run into wonderful people and run around magnificent lakes and relish in this beautifully humid non-Fall feeling hanging around and all will be well in my world. I just have one less house to occupy my thoughts is all. I close on Nov. 17 so, if you hear a shout of joy in the Salt Lake City night, know my voice is carrying all the way from my panhandle to your desert. Know, too, that I'll see all of you soon. At least, that's the hope. And hopes morph into realities plenty.


Kate said...

Congrats, Dainon! I like you. And your blog.

Mel said...

Yes, congrats, even from the hopeful sis that someday you'd return. . . I am happy for you and the way your life and career is headed.