Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scaredy cat.

Ran nearly five-and-a-half miles through a neighborhood being Halloweenized.
Saw grave stones being casually propped up in a front yard. One read "Be Right Back."
Black kitten half jumped into my path, causing me to mostly jump out of my skin.
Noticed one large black bat near the lake ... maybe it was a bird. Maybe.
Jack-o-lantern sneered in my general direction.
Discovered the hounds of hell are scarier when they don't bark. Became a defensive dodger.
Clouds of gnats, fresh from the graves of the undead, treated me as their windshield.
One would-be jogger came out her door and the shadows at the exact wrong moment. Proceeded to fall out of the rest of my skin that I hadn't before. Left it.
Got chased by ghosts the rest of the way. I think.
Spooky Charlie Parker music ran through my head, thanks to a radio program I heard on the Birdman right before commencing said run. Spooky, I say!
Running this time of year is good for the legs, but so very hard on the ticker.


SJ said...

Being the music lurver that you are, what I really want to know is what you listen to while you run.

Dainon. said...

I don't. I like to take in my surroundings ... not just the sights, but the sounds of what's happening outside. Crazy? Perhaps.