Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Blowing out the candles.

I wish I was sadder about my being a bachelor well into my 30s. I wish I didn’t like being alone as much as I do. I wish I liked you more than I do. I wish we didn’t just work on paper, because you dress well, play music, like poetry and taste like saltwater taffy. I wish I cared more about being the old dad than I do. I wish you saw me as less broken than I believe I am, simply because I’m not married and without five others who look sorta like me. I wish that being a single guy who adopted an Asian orphan seemed as commonplace as making an English Bulldog a part of my lifestyle. I wish falling in love with you, whoever you are and IF you are, was as easy as falling hard for the local straight-ahead jazz station on Big Band Wednesday mornings. I wish that those who saw me as a single sort who isn’t dating didn’t automatically tag me with that Perpetual Bachelor title. I wish I didn’t love the fact I’m more single and happy now than I’ve yet been. I wish I hated it enough to do something about it. I wish I’d stop thinking that way.


sarah nicole said...

Oh, Dainon. You romantic thing, you.

She's out there and she can hail a passing car with a slight lift of her skirt and the glimpse of an ankle.

: )

L to the I to the Z said...

That's deep. You're brave to put such thoughts out there on the World Wide Web.

p.s. I think I can help you out with that adopting an Asian baby thing--I'm interning at an adoption agency. let me know. ;)

Kilee said...

I wish this post didn't make me so sad.

k8 said...

oh gosh, i love you dainon. i feel so much the same way. i wish having time and money and a life of my own wasn't so darn awesome but alas...'tis.