Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The greatest compliment I could ever pay you.

I was at the Wolf Parade show last night, fighting for a spot of floor where I wasn't constantly being run into, when this message came at me. And, because I like to multitask while I soak up the good music, I read it in the middle of my enjoying. It had the headline: THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT I COULD EVER PAY YOU. A friend of 15 years or more, one I'd talked with earlier in the day, proceeded to tell me that, "Nobody has influenced my musical taste more than you. It's true." And I shot back and wondered if her cousin, a guy who regularly dumps digital albums by the truckload on her, might have that real honor. Really? More than him? "Yes, even more than my dad. Even more than Tim Booth. Put that in your pipe. Smoke it."

I only share because it made me really happy. And she was right. It probably was the greatest compliment I could have received from, well, anyone. And my night only got better from that point on.

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