Friday, November 19, 2010

Iron & Wine do Florida right.

My words won't do it justice. Know that. Still, seeing Sam Beam and his band earlier this week at the historic Florida Theater in Jacksonville (historic as in Elvis played there in '56) was inspiring, front to back. I can't say that about a lot of concerts, either. But he casually and confidently made his way through his catalog, offering up your solo man-and-his-guitar favorites out in front (the reverse encore), slowly allowing band members to amble in a few at a time, then recreating the songs you already know (plus a few new ones), should you count yourself a fan. "Now, if you liked that, we'll get along just fine," he commented after deconstructing "Woman King" pretty beautifully, amplifying the percussion about 8 times. "We're going to have some fun up here tonight. If you wanted the songs to sound like they do on the record, well, you have that at home, don't you?" If only more bands believed how he believed, sang as he sang and did as he did. It was magnificent. Bearded magnificence. Totally worth driving a total of four hours that night and even briefly contemplating parking the car at a truck stop and dreaming for a few hours. Dreaming with an Iron & Wine soundtrack, no less. I remember it like I remember a good meal; let's hope there are days more of this kind of reflection, too.


heather said...

so so jealous. i have never seen him live. pity.

Dainon. said...

Please right that wrong. Please.