Monday, November 15, 2010

Run through the jungle.

I am thankful for the sunny, breezy, slightly chilly and plenty shadowy weather that landed on us last Saturday. I am thankful for three friends besides myself who all decided to take on the half marathon challenge by the horns (two for the very first time). I am thankful for the smiles and excitement leading up to the event and for grizzled old lifetime marathoners who create three months' long training programs to allow for such. I am thankful for encouragement. I am thankful for sore ankles, tight calves and tender feet, only because that all goes away, and soon. I am thankful for lazy days that follow races, days filled with movies, naps, hot tubs and so, so much of that bad food, the stuff you earned by running so long and so far and so fast. I am thankful for the desire to do it again and again and maybe even another few times after that, but not marathons, never the marathons, and not this week. There will be no running this week. And there's not a single thing wrong with that. Not one.

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