Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in time.

One of the more thrilling things about coming home again, even when you no longer live there (and, in this case specifically, I never did), is that you have the opportunity to re-discover pieces of your past. I mean, I've known we had stacks and stacks of photo albums from my mom's growing up years and many more of our years together. I've known that. What I didn't know is that we had a working scanner that my mom scored for a whole nine bucks or something. I also didn't know we had this Polaroid.

I see so many things in it. Others will say "You look so much like your father," whereas I see an older sister who looked like her fifth and youngest daughter. She's practically her twin. I see a (then) proud, young dad of two standing on an unknown street in Fortuna, California. And, if you're my mom, you see this with different eyes altogether. When she saw it, she simply said: "See? You want me. You're reaching out to me."

I can't quite stop looking at it.


plainoldsarah said...

that is one awesome photo. i love it. and way to do some family history! makes me want to go searching some photo albums.

sarah nicole said...