Monday, January 31, 2011

A band that deserves better: Spoon.

Years ago, a friend and I were discussing music (hey, it happens) and inevitably landed on the created topic, Bands That Deserve Better. At the time, I think we came up with three. The two that I can remember at present are Crooked Fingers and Spoon. Critically lauded and criminally under appreciated, Spoon continues to create album after album of the goods, whether or not it leads them in that tried-and-true direction of fame, fortune and notoriety. I feel like they could release another 10 albums in as many years and, even then, they'll continue to stay the course. Musically tight (like a dish, folks) and adhering to a sound that's more consistent than most, the video below is not just a reminder of what it is they can do (in their sleep!), but what they will continue to do. And that makes Spoon one of those Bands That Deserve Better. Who do you think should make the list? I want to hear it. (via you aint no picasso). 

Spoon | Black Like Me | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


upto12 said...

Hey! Was that "friend" me? I think it was. Top of my list: Calexico. Not that they have it bad... but, man, they should be living the high life for delivering such sweet rock/tex-mex/country goodness.

Dainon. said...

Ah! I agree with you on that one, with my whole heart, soul and some other things, too. I would have named you as that mystery friend, too, but I wasn't sure you still frequented the Internets all that much anymore.

Stella said...

I'm no criminal. I appreciate. Have for a long time now. Spoon kept me in very good company during a pretty solitary time. For that, I'm committed to them for life.