Friday, January 28, 2011

Drawlrings & things.

I was with my best friend a couple weeks back (we knowing one another for the past 20 years, having not seen one another in five) and, in the midst of everything else we did (the meals, the jokes, the countless rehashed memories of times gone by), he asked me if I still drew. If I still did any drawings. And, you know? It really threw me for a loop. I haven't drawn in years and years when, as a high schooler, I loved to tackle white space with my pencils and pens and even paints. Made me remember my granddad, the sometime policeman/newspaper cartoonist who was sought after by Disney (though he never worked for them). It's amazing how far away we can get from the things we love, for whatever that reason is, to the point you almost forget it completely. It's doubly amazing when those who know you and have known you so nonchalantly remind you of your passions. Or, well, passion.

I bought a new sketchpad last Saturday. I'm going to draw something this weekend. Thanks, Doug.

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Stella said...

Yay! Seems I'm constantly battling the jack of all trades master of none dilemma. I've been putting it all aside for photography, but I really miss that time when I REALLY wrote. And painted. I'm going to do both this week.

Thanks Doug!