Monday, February 07, 2011

My future soulmate?

Found this little online ad below from someone who is on The Hunt. I can only assume (and hope) that English is not this woman's first language. I also hope she finds all she is searching for. Even if it's simply someone who can understand what all of this truly means.

I wish find to myself second half with which I can to live all remained life.

I - only the woman who is full energy and full love. I do not love quarrel and me always trying to find the compromise. I trust enamoured, and I follow my purposes. I wish to be with the person who is ready to serious attitudes. I am a woman who should feel a warm body a beside with me, feel a strong shoulder and support. I believe, that I find, that such person and we shall be very happy together. I wish to be a
part of its world and to divide with it all my love and to open my soul. I search for the kind and gentle person who is self-assured and has the big sense of humour. I wish to be with the person who is ready to serious attitudes. 


Kate said...

I am excited for you to find her. She is looking for you, too - right at this very moment.

sarah nicole said...

And how exactly did you come upon this, D?

You have at least two years until you need to result to personals, by the way.


Rachel said...

Rachel likes this.

SJ said...

Match! You could be a "part of its world". Are you ready to serious attitudes, though?

Mel said...

When I read, I don't find myself laughing out loud too often. This was worthy of a few big guffaws--needed today, so thanks! And, sound like she's looking for YOU, serious attitudes and all.

LouBennion said...

If Google Translate is responsible for the state of her, it has a lot to answer for. Nice find.