Saturday, February 05, 2011

We oughta be in pictures.

In December of last year, I was able to gather up most in my family and get some photos taken over in Utah, when I was home for a few days. Bit of a Christmas present from me to the lot of them. My friend Jonathan Canlas is a real genius behind the lens (he abstains from bothering with the digital cameras, focuses on film and film alone) and, well, I'd been wanting to make good on this idea of having him shoot my family for at least a year or more. So, they put on their smiles and best clothes and some of the results were posted on his blog today for your perusal. I'm happy to report that he sees my family in much the same way I do ... as the beautiful people they really are, both inside and out. And, yeah, it goes without saying that I recommend the guy, should you be so moved to get something along the same lines done.

Looking at these photos now tends to make me feel a little cold, though, I'm not going to lie. After all, it was a barefoot February day this afternoon, with a balmy high of 80 degrees to enjoy. I was outside for as much as my job would let me get away with. For a nice laugh, check out this weather map. You get just one guess of where I fit on it.


Mel said...

That map is cruel. And, yes, Jonathan did capture the beauty of everyone I believe. Thank you again.

Dainon. said...

You're welcome, sis!