Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Charlie Sheen could be good for XanGo.

Nobody asked me, but here I go offering up my opinion. Everybody is really, really tired of Charlie Sheen at this point, it's true, but the fact he decided to wave around a bottle of XanGo a few days ago and claim it was "Tiger Blood," well, that's an all-new spin on his brand of crazy. It's not what I would consider great press for the company, considering he alternated waving around one of their barely-disguised bottles with waving around a machete (because why not?), but it puts them in the public eye in an altogether new way. But, hey, bad press is still press ... which could be a good thing. If I were still writing for them, I'd offer some of my own ideas on how they could spin things and have some real fun with it. A couple of them include:

1. Release an "official" standpoint on behalf of the company. "Our product, contrary to Charlie Sheen's claims, does not, nor has it ever, contained the blood of a tiger. It just looks that way."
2. Adversely, they could run with it. "Now with 100% more Tiger Blood."
3. Pass him off as a company spokesperson of sorts. "At long last, Charlie Sheen really IS winning."
4. Claim that they will cure what ails him. "Now that he's on our Juice, we fully expect a complete recovery within 90 days' time. Unfortunately, it won't make Two and a Half Men funny. Hey, we're not magicians."  

Ah, I kid. But, if I was still kicking around those parts, I'd at least try and get myself an interview. Because you know that turning it down isn't his way of doing things. I'd just have to steer clear of that machete.


Mel said...

Oh my. Now that is funny. Is that masking tape with hand-written "Tiger Blood" on it? He's a mess. But yes, I definitely Xango should make good use of this new publicity!

Rachel said...

Who is sick of Charlie Sheen? I'm not. It is fascinating how people's minds can turn on them and they descend into something that is the exact opposite of what people (especially agents, producers, etc) expect. You give someone that much money to do so little...let alone someone with a history of is bound to turn out bad. But this is a whole new level of train wreck here.

Dainon. said...

It was fun while it lasted but we went from bland sitcom to unscripted reality show in no time at all. And, while I enjoyed it at first, and will admit to his never being more entertaining than he is now (save for, well, Hot Shots), I'm looking forward to the train wreck just wrecking, period. I don't predict it'll be too terribly long before we get there, either. Give it another couple weeks? Maybe? Please?