Monday, March 28, 2011

Langhorne Slim Ain't Dead.

Since there were only about 40-50 of us at this little show last Saturday in Orlando, it's safe for me to assume nobody currently reading this was actually there. This means you missed a couple hours or so of some sweet-sounding, sweaty country-rock-soul (the closest I can come to describing the genre) ... and they did it in a tavern with broken air conditioning, no less. So you didn't get excited as I did when they decided to move it on out to the patio and play an acoustic set with a cool breeze attached (and you missed those who were inexplicably throwing rocks at other attendees). And that final thing you missed? This song, Langhorne Slim's "I Ain't Dead," a tune so new, you can't get your hands on a recorded version of it yet. It renewed my faith in the band's ability and how they might just continue to get bigger, better and more polished as time goes on. I also tend to really, really, really like it. Every time I watch this, I find my smile by the middle ... every single time. 


feverdog said...

I have been obsessed with this song every since they played it live at the Avett Bro show in Augusta. Great song and great show.

Unknown said...

Saw them in Taos this summer. Outstanding band - can't wait to see them again. Hope they release this song soon.

Unknown said...

Great band. Saw them in Taos this summer. Hope they release this song soon.