Saturday, March 19, 2011


"You can't walk out of your own story."

I had to watch this a second time yesterday, just to prove to myself that I wasn't simply being wowed by stellar animation, a smart script and lead (yes, that Johnny Depp), a movie that feels more like a real-live Western than the cartoon it is and, well, all things considered, I liked it better that second time around. I'm no avid movie watcher, but I'll go ahead and go on record with this: this is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a theater in at least a year's time. Can I get a witness?


L to the I to the Z said...

I'm, like, the only person I know who has wanted to see this since seeing the preview. My roommate even got me a movie theater gift card for my birthday, knowing I specifically wanted to see it. I will be your witness, as I'm sure I'll adore it.

Rachel said...

Amen brother Moody. I watch most of the kid's movies that come out...and not much else, so I feel qualified to agree.