Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fixin' To Die.

Brothers are good for lots of reasons. But today, one brother of mine earned his stripes all over again when he scooped up the new G. Love, Avett Brothers-influenced album for a fiver on Record Store Day when he was at Slowtrain. Yes, I made the gentle nudge of a suggestion that he do so, but when it showed up in my mailbox, I'm fairly certain my heart grew five times that day. Music has that power, you know. Anyway, here's a taste if you haven't heard it, which was the singular taste that drove me to wanting needing it in the first place. 

Stomp-clap, stomp-clap. Stomp-clap, stomp-clap.


smasek said...

Happy ears, happy feet!!!

Ems said...

wow, a different feel from his Baby Got Sauce days (and the Jack Johnson period that lost me up to apparently, this new point).