Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strand of Oaks' "End in Flames"

I haven't been able to get away much this year so far, but last weekend heralded in a cherished brief weekend away, running around CO and visiting dear friends, having especially good eats and putting so much of that good music in these ears. In just two days and nights, I saw performances by Mason Jennings, The Head and Heart, Gregory Alan Isakov, Joe Pug and Strand of Oaks. It helped recharge these batteries. At one point, I was in a nearly empty chapel in Colorado Springs, laying on a cool granite floor while Strand of Oaks recorded the tune "End in Flames" for their Fuel/Friends Chapel Sessions, recording it on my wee point-and-shoot and I had to stop a second and just shake my head (which isn't real easy when you're flat out on the floor). I was overwhelmed with a huge sense of gratitude and giddy happiness and I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you live in Colorado?" True story, that. Only problem is, I don't yet have an answer for it. Not yet, anyway. Maybe I will someday.

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