Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three little birds.

I feel like it's been quite a while since I went ahead and bragged on my extended family in this space. I try to be really pretty careful with how much I go about doing that, too, as I'm no mommy blogger, not by a long shot. Still, I have my moments. And this morning, I'm having one of them, like it or hate it. Here's a little video a photographer put together during a photo shoot with my sister's family. It makes we wish I were closer, of course, but mostly? I just like that I'm able to see them, period. This works for now. If I were either parent, though, I think I'd have a hard time not wanting to be around them for every single minute of the rest of their lives. 

Hey, I'm just saying. It's got to be rough being their mom or dad. Whaddya think? You like?

3 Little Birds from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.


Stella said...

I've been wanting to start doing some projects like this. Do you know what camera this is? Canon 5D?

Dainon. said...

Shot on Canon 5D with 50mm 1.4, 24-70mm.

Sara said...

I love that so much.

Jonathan said...

Eugenics works!