Monday, July 25, 2011

The Devil Whale — Butter For Burns.

Once upon a time, I (along with lots of those music-loving others) helped The Devil Whale put out a second album by participating in their Kickstarter project. It was one of those no-brainers in the world of choices: they're a band I liked plenty, they created songs I could connect with, I wanted to see them succeed and, selfishly, I just wanted at that new album already. Fast forward a lot of months. The album's been out for a bit, they sound better than I think they ever have before (seriously, just catch them live already), they're on the road more than they are in Utah anymore, opening for The Head and The Heart and a gaggle of others and, well, they're just on their way. I couldn't be prouder.

And, as a bit of a thank you prize, I got to pick out a song for them to make a video of, one that's been a favorite of mine for a very long time. Today, they came through on that promise. Even managed to include Jen Woods (she who provided the lovely vocals on the recorded version of this one). Since it's just a day after my birthday, I'm going to go ahead and pretend this was practically one of those not entirely expected, belated gifts.

Better than cake, even.

I hope you like it like I do.

Butter For Burns from ben bishop on Vimeo.

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Jamie said...

One of my favorite songs. I adore this version!
What a great belated birthday gift.