Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hump Day Holiday.

Yesterday I decided to go for a long drive after work, if just to break up the monotony of my norm some. It took me to the Space Coast, a place I so rarely go, but an interesting blend of patriotism and boarded-up buildings and beach all at once. I got to smell the ocean in the week’s middle, see a mostly full moon shine down on the water, get rained on and even enjoy a rainbow. Saw both ends of it, in fact. I listened to the David Rawlings Machine do a cover of a Bright Eyes tune that turned into a Neil Young song at the end, all 10 minutes long of it, three times in a row. Spent a good chunk of gas and found a couple tacos to put in me before I journeyed back again. It was a few hours to just be in the middle of a week. I suppose sometimes that’s needed.

I tend to enjoy my loneliness. And, when I say that, I must explain that I don’t see the word as the sad one it usually implies. I simply like my being alone, being able to see so much of the new in this beautiful place and run around in bare feet and shorts all the year long and soak it all up in a bit of quiet reverence and admiration. There’s a lot to this place and so much more to see yet.

I’m glad my path has led me to exactly where I am.

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