Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David Williams — Sunday Morning.

The last brief blink of a conversation I had with David Williams, breezing through Utah sometime in the late spring or early summer, I made mention of this video and how great I thought it was. I don't claim to know whose idea it was but, well, you don't see many music videos recorded in the outdoors, in the frosty light of early morning, and not in places I'm readily familiar with, either. The song is superb, yes, but doubly good because I can recall that state that felt like it once belonged to me. I told him he ought to head to Wyoming and record the song he named after that state next, but I don't think it's happened or even if it will. 

I've my head all wrapped up in some of that Utah music today, I do. And if there's one thing this spot of the web needs more of, it's music. So watch this one, listen and even maybe love it some, as I do.

David Williams-Sunday Morning from Michael Friberg on Vimeo.


greenatty said...

i absolutely loved this when you posted it back when and have repeatedly gone back to it. It's a video you play over and over... and even more in the winter. thank you for posting this again. I wish he would play all day

Dainon. said...

I thought I had done this all before. Nothing like a re-share, eh?