Tuesday, November 22, 2011

as yet untitled.

It helps to have a goal in mind.
Say, when that New York afterthought
of an October visit
fell together, it was to see leaves painted
yellow, brown and orange
evidence of a season not wanting
to be forgotten.

And now, in a spot of Nicaragua
so rarely visited, and in the midst
of a power outage
and facing the sea
I recall the goal being discovery,
seeing what hadn’t yet been,
filling eyes up with surprises.
The gut wanted it.

When I don’t want to offer an explanation,
I take that easy route, the one
not as true: “I wanted to find a spot
where the sun gave out more warmth
this time of year.” And it slowly puzzles,
is eventually accepted.

I didn’t expect howler monkeys singing at 6,
hermit crabs stepping sideways out of my sand-path
or even the rare lonely celebrated lightning bug.

I didn’t expect the kindness of strangers
or a persistently curious mosquito,
though, they too, are my puzzle pieces.

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