Wednesday, December 14, 2011

24 things I'm grateful for: a list.

1. That I work in a place where my name is occasionally replaced with ‘punkin.’
2. When I can make my mom cry her eyes out and know it was because I did a good thing.
3. Sometimes being able to talk to the interesting sorts around the nation, share their stories with others and even get a regular paycheck for doing so.
4. Pumpkin. Great gourdy gobs of sweet-tasting, autumnal-spiced pumpkin.
5. Being able to do four unassisted backbends.
6. Getting remembered by someone I truly enjoy, then talking for an hour, until we both run out of words.
7. Luz, the waitress who gifted us with a free tiramisu, even though it was about four-and-a-half months past my birthday. Sometimes free tastes better.
8. The fact my “I’d really like to see if I can and I really want to” comes out as “I can totally do that.” Sometimes (and that’s enough).
9. Discovering continual inspiration in a friend I already admire.
10. DayQuil.
11. Being able to comfort a friend without knowing at all what to say. Sometimes it just takes a couple of ears and three hours sitting impossibly close in a van for things to feel better than they once felt.
12. Having a friend help me, too, without even so much as knowing it.
13. Feeling raindrops on my face during yoga in Nicaragua.
14. Coconut and pineapple shrimp curry. Land sakes.
15. Getting to hear fishermen singing in Spanish before they dive and go about their work … you don’t need to speak the language to understand the feeling.
16. Nina Simone singing to me in the nighttime (okay, anytime, really).
17. Open hearts.
18. Being able to notice an open heart, in myself or others.
19. When it’s cool enough to live with an open window at night, I sincerely wish I could locate Mother Nature, just so I could high five her.
20. For a next-door neighbor who neatly piles my collected newspapers on my porch when I skip town for a few days.
21. Remembering what it feels like to hold someone close.
22. Surviving a wayward GPS leading a rental too far up a mountain in the Dominican Republic (a very specific thank you and answer to a plea).
23. Dancers who’ve a true sense of rhythm.
24. Crumbling walls.


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin is "the new black," of tastebud goodness.

DHR said...

I love this....