Monday, December 05, 2011

I still love you, New York.

I don't try very hard to stay away from New York. And, every time I go there and spend a few days, I get to taste and do more than I did the time before. This time it was famous old delis and Jewish pastries I still can't pronounce and wandering around during the day and night, even risking both life and limb on an ice skating ring (no, not Rockefeller ... it was far too crowded). I could list everything out, maybe, but that one moment I like to relive this morning? It's simple, but it comes down to discovering a woman on the street, happily peeling mangoes, cutting them up and placing them in tiny plastic bags. I'd never seen such a thing, so I had to try it out. I bought one of them off of her and continued on my way, but not before she added a generous amount of hot sauce, salt and lemon juice. It set me back just three dollars, but the taste was worth far, far more. New York, if nothing else, is incredibly, impossibly, undeniably delicious.

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Anonymous said...

That makes a cool look of the city lights at night! Great shot!