Monday, February 20, 2012

Blind Pilot shows off their Half Moon.

I've liked Blind Pilot since I learned they used to tour using bicycles instead of a van (that's a fast fact). And, truthfully, that sort of thing just wouldn't matter if they didn't have the unique ability to make everything they created so damn listenable and likeable and repeatable (and maybe some more -ables I can't quite muster up). I wore out my copy of 3 Rounds and a Sound and, while I wanted there to be more to their story and discography, I wasn't sure they could repeat what they'd already had done so ineffably well. Still, this little Portland Band That Could has proven me wrong by doing it all over again on We Are The Tide. This is me being grateful. By simply sticking to that tried-and-true formula of good, comfortable songs that you could wake up to in the morning or borrow as singalong lullabies in the night, they're keeping the friends they made that last time around and are bound to attract even more when they tour for three years in a row on the strength of this one (or, you know, however long it takes). 

If you live in Florida, go check them out this weekend in Orlando or Tampa or even St. Augustine (dates and times are here) and you're bound to grin like a buffoon. I might even end up at all three shows, simply because I can. Presents: Blind Pilot "Half Moon" from Blind Pilot on Vimeo.

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Naomi said...

Love this band too! I am truly sad they will not be playing anywhere near Utah when I visit in the next couple of weeks. Fabulous music.