Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kathleen Edwards in Atlanta, 1/29/12.

I don't know that people much care to hear exactly how a concert went anymore. Perhaps the days of blathering on and on about our favorite shows are fast becoming one of those things of the past. Add them to the pile or continue on in that blank face of apathy? I dunno. That said, I'll be fairly brief. It's been a few days and yet I'm a grateful sort that I was able to visit Atlanta last weekend, where Kathleen Edwards was just about as good a performer as I expected she might be. From missing her playing for all of $5 a few blocks from where I used to live maybe a decade ago now to hopping a plane, renting a car and shelling out, well, considerably more, it was an experience I won't soon forget. Having Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) along for that ride was a nice addition to the comfortable show it was, though he was wise enough to stick to the background and allow her her due. These are the sorts of things I can and will continue to travel for when and if I get that chance to. These are the sorts of things that, thinking back on them days later, still feel worth everything that went into it. For the record.

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