Monday, November 19, 2012

The Sound of Scampering.


I've been a little busy these past six months. There was a personal project I wanted to tackle, once and for all, just because I hadn't tried hard enough to make it happen in the past. It wasn't necessarily easy to do, but few things worth doing are ... and it's beyond gratifying to have seen this through to completion. My heart is light. My level of excitement is a little through the roof at this exact moment (though I'm remarkably composed, so there).

Having said all of that, I'm able to at last share this with all those who might be even moderately interested. I've written and pieced together my first collection of poetry and it's here for you, should you want a copy. It's fifty poems, some new and some old, that I've written and edited over and over again during the past 20 years. 

One final note. You're not necessarily peering into my diary by reading these—while the poetry's largely inspired by true events, it's not nonfiction by any means—but you are hearing my heart and soul. If you scoop yourself up a copy, I sure hope you enjoy it. (An electronic version should be available shortly but, until then, you get a real live book, written by a real live boy.) 


Miranda R said...

Nice work, Dainon. Mazel Tov!

Caroline Guy said...

Purchased! Amazed and inspired by you, congrats:)

Emily Potter said...

The words of a poet's voice have always been some of the most important sounds we came to the planet to hear.