Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sound of Scampering: The Latest.

For the new readers of this little spot on the Web, I wrote and published a collection of poetry recently. And, for readers both new and old, I have a new website to send to point you towards if you'd like to add a copy to your various piles of books. It just launched last night and isn't the sole place you can place an order (either paperback or electronic versions), but it's a pretty title-specific place to do so. Pretty easy to remember, even. With further adieu then, head towards this spot:

And, in closing, should you grab yourself a copy and have anything to say about what you read or experienced (both good or bad), I'd welcome your comments. If you don't want to say two words, hey, that's fine, too. 

Have a great day. As for myself, the sun's shining where I am and I'm warm. Life's grand, it really is.

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