Monday, July 08, 2013

Star Wars in the 7-11.

I'd only gone into 7-11 to buy a water. The cashier told me that, if I ponied up for the bigger size, it'd be 2 for $2. A steal, I thought, and I quickly acted on her suggestion. Got back to the counter and she commented on my metal bracelet, asked where I'd bought it. My answer: a thrift store. I asked after the tattoo on her forearm, an incredibly detailed rendering of the Millennium Falcon, as yet unfinished, and there to cover up the failed tree rings tattoo just beneath. She told me how her blood type or skin color meant that tattoo had changed colors and she didn't like it anymore. All at once, I felt like I might as well be playing the lead in some unwritten indie film, and this scene was acting itself out pretty well so far. Paid and left. I'd only gone into 7-11 to buy a water.


Crazy Liddle Lady said...

You manage to find ways to make life interesting. I like that.

Joy Buhler said...

Love this. You should blog more often. So should I.